Kuro Shiba is getting ready to launch the first NFT staking platform on Harmony!

Exhibitions Grand Opening!

Good afternoon, KURO fam! We’re so excited to announce the grand opening Exhibitions (Beta), a brand new addition to the Kuro Shiba Art Museum and the very first NFT staking platform on Harmony!

While the Art Museum is our main gallery featuring exclusive Kuro Shiba NFTs that you can stake…

All airdrops for Stubborn and Miner KURO are now complete!

Good evening, KURO fam! We’re pleased to announce that the airdrops for Stubborn KURO and Miner KURO NFTs are all complete!

  • Stubborn KURO token address: 0xeC32adCa4A0Ca3D7c71e1c27Ee3A68dCfB893998
  • Miner KURO token address: 0xc3A651C4d697E8211d6f67103696c53F5E2396B0

As many of you know, the airdrops took quite some time because we had to mint our own dApp-compatible…

Kuro Shiba is the first protocol to launch NFT staking on Harmony Mainnet!

Art Museum (Beta) is Now Live!

Kuro Shiba is proud to announce the launch of the KURO Art Museum (Beta), i.e., the first-ever NFT staking platform on Harmony! Specifically, our innovative and proprietary dApp includes fully custom staking contracts that enable NFT holders to stake their Kuro Shiba NFTs to generate yield in the form of…

Lots in the pipeline for Harmony’s cutest NFT project, Kuro Shiba!

Kuro Shiba dApp Launching Soon!

Since our token launch in June, Kuro Shiba (KURO) has been all about adorable artwork and a friendly community. We’ve airdropped exclusive Kuro Shiba NFTs to reward contest winners, liquidity providers, and early adopters who have supported our project since day one. ✨

And now it’s time for KURO to…

A “thank you” gift airdropped to 100 random KURO Gem Miners!

Good evening, KURO fam! With the KURO Gem Mine rewards depleting very soon, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal community members who have been mining KURO! 💎 ⛏🐺

Gem mining for the past few months has been awesome — thank you for all the…

KURO is partnering with Artemis to bring exciting staking opportunities to Harmony!

Good afternoon, KURO fam! Today we’re writing to announce an official partnership with our good friends at Artemis Protocol, the leading launchpad and liquidity-as-a-service platform on Harmony. We could not be more excited about this partnership! 🏹💙🐺

Our highly successful KURO-MIS incubator launched on Artemis Protocol just last week, and…

Kuro Shiba (KURO)

Kuro Shiba (KURO) is the cutest project on Harmony, aiming to strengthen the Harmony ecosystem through collaboration, innovation, & yield-generating NFTs! ✨🍙🍡

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