Artemis Protocol is Now Kuro Shiba’s Official Partner for Token Staking!

KURO is partnering with Artemis to bring exciting staking opportunities to Harmony!

Good afternoon, KURO fam! Today we’re writing to announce an official partnership with our good friends at Artemis Protocol, the leading launchpad and liquidity-as-a-service platform on Harmony. We could not be more excited about this partnership! 🏹💙🐺

Our highly successful KURO-MIS incubator launched on Artemis Protocol just last week, and now holds a whopping $74,289 TVL! The current APR is 484%, and there are still 27 days left before the incubator ends. Definitely check that out if you’re interested in earning $MIS, the revenue-generating governance token for Artemis. Of course, please DYOR and farm responsibly! 👩🏻‍🌾

Click here to visit the KURO incubator.

The KURO-MIS Incubator is going strong, with 484% APR!

We’re not stopping with only the KURO incubator — the possibilities are near-endless with Artemis as our staking partner. Here are just some of the staking opportunities that we’re cooking up for the community:

  1. Stake KURO-ONE LP tokens to earn ONE.*
  2. Single stake KURO to earn ONE.*
  3. Hades pool for KURO-MIS LP tokens.

*ONE rewards will be funded by future sales of yield-generating KURO NFTs. Right now, the KURO team is hard at work on 3D interactive and stakeable KURO NFTs, which will be purchasable in ONE. 50% of the proceeds will be used to pay the artists and devs for their work, and the other 50% will be used to fund the KURO-ONE pool on Artemis, thereby greatly increasing KURO-ONE liquidity on DeFi Kingdoms.

Incentivizing liquidity providers with ONE — instead of KURO — benefits holders because it eliminates the risk of farmers dumping all their KURO rewards as they are earned (there is currently no lockup mechanism on Artemis). Additionally, the 3D interactive KUROs will be stakeable to earn KURO, so we want to minimize the KURO being “emitted” from the dev wallet to prevent hyperinflation of circulating KURO.

We’ll be using a similar strategy to fund a future single-staking pool on Artemis (i.e., stake KURO to earn ONE), but details on that will come much later, as we’ve currently got our paws and plates full with 3D animated KURO NFTs and building our staking platform. 🛠👷🏻‍♀️🚧

Lastly, Artemis will be launching a Kuro Shiba Hades Pool soon, with KURO-MIS LP tokens burned as the entry fee. No ETA yet, but stay tuned!

Thank you so much to Artemis for making this possible for us. We are beyond pleased to partner with such a top-tier project, and we can’t wait for what’s in store! The collaborative and innovative energy we’ve seen on Harmony over the past few months has been inspiring—and we’re just getting started!

Bullish on $ONE and Harmony DeFi! 💙💙💙



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