Introducing Exhibitions (Beta): First NFT Staking Platform on Harmony!

Kuro Shiba is getting ready to launch the first NFT staking platform on Harmony!

Exhibitions Grand Opening!

Launch Party Tonight!

Stake Dingos to earn xDG, and stake Whales to earn ARB!

Stake NFTs to Earn Tokens:

Admission Fee 101:

  • To bring more utility to KURO tokens and value for holders, Exhibition visitors will need to pay an admission fee in KURO to stake NFTs in the Exhibitions.
  • The admission fee is currently 3500 KURO, i.e., ~$25 at the time of deploying the staking contracts on January 15, 2022. This is non-refundable.
  • You only need to pay the admission fee once per wallet per Exhibition. So, if you’re staking only 1 or 25 Dingos, you pay 3500 KURO per wallet. You do not need to repay the admission fee if you unstake and restake later.
  • However, if you want to stake 2 Dingos and 5 Whales, then you will need to pay the 3500 KURO admission once for the Dingo Exhibition and then once again for the Whales Exhibition for a total of 7000 KURO.
  • Be sure to assess the token rewards vs. admission fee — and potential price movements of each — before you enter any Exhibition. DYOR and stake NFTs responsibly!

Staking (and Unstaking) Made Easy:

  • Approve Admission Fee, then confirm in MM.
  • Pay Admission Fee, then confirm in MM.
  • Approve Collection, then confirm in MM.

Similar to the Art Museum:

  • (New) Multiple NFTs can be staked per wallet.
  • (New) Rewards are dictated by the NFT projects, not the KURO team.
  • (New) There is a one-time, non-refundable admission fee.
  • (New) UI shows claimed rewards and estimated rewards per day.
  • (Original) You can still stake and unstake your NFT any time.
  • (Original) Staking rewards are still 100% unlocked.
  • (Original) Unstaking your NFT will auto-claim rewards for you.

Beta Testing:

Thank you all for reading and please join us at 7pm PST on Sunday, 1/16 for the Exhibitions launch party!



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