Introducing Taro DAO: Read Our Mandate and Meet the Governors!

Kuro Shiba (KURO)
3 min readFeb 19, 2022
Introducing Taro DAO, decentralized governance for our ArtFi studio — Taro Labs!

Hello KURO fam! We have a few major milestone updates on our $50,000 grant from Harmony as part of its $300M+ on Web3, Grants, & DAOs, which we’re super excited to announce:

Grant Milestone № 1 Complete & Funded!

We’re so pleased to have received the first $10,000 disbursement for completing milestone no. 1 of our grant! 🧧✨ These funds currently make up the entire DAO treasury and are safely stashed away in our new Harmony gnosis safe wallet, which requires 5-out-of-9 multisig.

We’re beyond chuffed at the grant process so far. Although acknowledgement took a bit longer than expected, we understand that the H1 team has been super busy the past month troubleshooting dodgy RPCs, the Bitcoin bridge, and ETH Denver — in addition to their regular day-to-day workload!

So mega THANK YOU! to the team, who took the time to review and fund the first grant milestone for our lil grassroots ArtFi project. We 💙 you!

Grant Milestone № 2 Complete (Not Funded Yet)!

We’ve now also completed milestone no. 2 of our grant, i.e., forming a DAO with 9 initial governors to serve as signatories for our multisig wallet.


We’re proud to present: Taro DAO! Taro Labs is the ArtFi studio responsible for Kuro Shiba (and CGD minting 🧠 💕) and we’re now a Harmony-funded DAO. Taro also happens to be the cutest pastel purple and our favorite boba flavor! 😋🧋

Pursuant to principles and guidelines for their DAOs, we’ve established a three-fold mandate to describe our core values and shared vision:

(1) Cuteness

  • Deliver cute, clean, & intuitive design
  • Brighten the blockchain with adorable artwork

(2) Creativity

  • Produce fresh, creator-driven content
  • Innovate at the intersection of NFTs & DeFi

(3) Community

  • Build community based on friendship & kindness
  • Foster a culture of collaboration & inclusivity


The community has elected the following dream team to serve as our initial governors, many of whom you may already know:

  • persimberry: 2d artist, web designer, & copywriter for KURO
  • totodile: solidity dev, lead programmer, & big brain for KURO
  • Slim Jim: 3D artist, animator, & project strategist for KURO
  • sm0nks: node.js dev, botmaster, & blockchain support for KURO
  • matt cl: backend dev, chartmaster, & frontend support for KURO
  • cactuar: active & valuable KURO community member since day one
  • Hound: Validator DAO governor, validator, & Latino ambassador
  • Crypto Clay: content creator & Cerebral Gaming DAO project lead
  • Sofa: content creator, community leader, & Pixel Planets project lead

There is no hierarchy to the governors — aside from the initial organization of the DAO — and governors are up for election every 3 months. This is to maximize decentralization and empower the community to make decisions that impact the project beyond simple day-to-day operations.

More on DAOs here:

With that, we’ll be updating the our Harmony forum post to show completion of our second grant milestone. Let’s continue to BUIDL! 🔧🐺🚧



Kuro Shiba (KURO)

Kuro Shiba (KURO) is the cutest project on Harmony, aiming to strengthen the Harmony ecosystem through collaboration, innovation, & yield-generating NFTs! ✨🍙🍡