Kuro Shiba dApp Preview: the First Stakeable NFTs on Harmony!

Lots in the pipeline for Harmony’s cutest NFT project, Kuro Shiba!

Kuro Shiba dApp Launching Soon!

Since our token launch in June, Kuro Shiba (KURO) has been all about adorable artwork and a friendly community. We’ve airdropped exclusive Kuro Shiba NFTs to reward contest winners, liquidity providers, and early adopters who have supported our project since day one. ✨

And now it’s time for KURO to graduate from puppy class. For the past few weeks, the team has been working on the first-ever Kuro Shiba dApp. No forked frontend or cut corners — our dApp is a fully custom KURO experience, with original artwork, illustrations, and design by our core team.

Upcoming features in the first-ever Kuro Shiba dApp!

With the upcoming launch of our new dApp, Kuro Shiba aims to be the first (and cutest!) yield-generating NFT project on Harmony, strengthening the Harmony ecosystem through collaboration, innovation, and NFTs! 💜🐺

Here’s what we have planned:

Art Museum

Stake your Kuro Shiba NFTs in the Art Museum to start earning rewards in KURO. The longer you stake your NFTs, the more KURO you’ll earn! 🖼

Fish Ponds

Add liquidity to the Fish Ponds so Kuro Shiba can catch fish for you! You can redeem your fish for stakeable, yield-generating NFTs. Collect each NFT and earn KURO! 🐟

Night Market

Buy, sell, and trade exclusive, rare, and adorable Kuro Shiba NFTs in the Night Market. All transactions occur right on the ultra-fast Harmony blockchain, with near-zero gas! 🧋


Claim your rare, exclusive, and adorable Kuro Shiba NFT airdrops using Airmail, our secure airdrop claiming portal. Your NFT collectibles will go straight into your MetaMask wallet! 💌

For all our community members patiently waiting for their Stubborn KURO NFT airdrops, you’ll be able to claim them through Airmail when our dApp goes live! Thanks so much for your continued patience — our Stubborn KUROs are anxious to go home with you, too! 💝

We’ll have many more updates to share as we get closer to launch. Can’t wait!

Stay on top of updates via our Discord and TG channel!

Join the KURO club! https://kuroshiba.one



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