Kuro Shiba x Cerebral Gaming DAO — NFT Staking as an Innovative Solution for Initial Token Distribution!

Announcing a new and exciting partnership with Cerebral Gaming DAO!

Kuro Shiba x Cerebral Gaming DAO:

Good evening, $KURO fam and Harmony fans! Hope you all had a lovely Lunar New Year — 恭喜发财! 🧧🐉🧨 We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on an exciting new partnership, and we’re so pleased to finally be able to announce what we’re working on:

Kuro Shiba is partnering with Cerebral Gaming DAO (CGD) — a recent Harmony grantee — to bring our innovative NFT staking solutions and initial token distribution mechanism to gaming enthusiasts on Harmony!

Graphic courtesy of Cerebral Gaming DAO.

We’re super hyped about this partnership for a bunch of reasons. First and foremost, we love the vision that CGD-founder Crypto Clay (who happens to be one of our favorite Harmony Youtubers) has for this project. Here’s what CGD is all about:

The goal of Cerebral Gaming DAO is to invest in as many of [Harmony gaming projects] as possible, providing support for these new gaming experiences, and increasing ROIs for our investors. CGD will be purchasing plots of land, character NFTs, tokens, creating LPs on dexes, and producing guilds for profit sharing.

CGD will take a decentralized approach to investing in gamefi projects, similar to a centralized mutual or index fund but with digital assets on the blockchain.

— Cerebral Gaming DAO (source)

This is such a great idea — especially on Harmony, which has truly established itself as a hub for gamefi over the past few months and has tons more to come.

NFT Staking Platform as a Launchpad:

Second, we’re extremely pleased that more projects are using Kuro Shiba Exhibitions as a fair and innovative launchpad. As many of you already know, the first project to use the Exhibitions for this purpose is Dingos. In fact, 573 Dingos are currently staked on our platform to earn xDingo (xDG)!

NFT staking as a fair and innovative launch mechanism!

Similarly, we’re working closely with Cerebral Gaming DAO to enable users to mint Founders Badges directly on the CGD website. There will be 150,000 total mintable NFTs, and each costs only 10 $ONE to mint. Yes, only 10 $ONE! One of the core values of CGD is to keep DeFi accessible for all, which we are so down with!

After minting as many Founders Badges as you’d like, users will be able to stake them in the Kuro Shiba Exhibitions to earn CGD’s governance token, aptly named $CGD. The total staking rewards will be 1,500,000 $CGD, out of a total token supply of 100,000,000 $CGD. NFA, but we expect $CGD to be a pretty desirable token to earn for the following reason:

$CGD will be issued to all investors during scheduled issuances and will also be used as the governance token. CGD will implement a treasury of all held assets that can be tracked by investors via a CGD website. After the initial issuance has taken place, voting will begin to find suitable investments for the treasury. By investing in CGD, it gives those that lack the capital to invest in things like expensive plots of land an opportunity to share a piece of defi’s rapidly growing gaming genre.

— Cerebral Gaming DAO (source)

We’ll release more details as Founders Badge NFTs are closer to launch, but keep in mind that each wallet must pay a 3500 $KURO admission fee to stake their Founders Badges. You can stock up now, or wait till you mint your Founders Badges — totally up to you! 💙

If you have any questions in the mean time, please join Cerebral Gaming DAO for a live AMA on Twitch at 6pm CST this Friday, February 4th.

Thanks so much, CGD, for choosing Kuro Shiba as your launch partner! 🧠✨

And congratulations on being approved for a $50k launch grant! We can’t wait to see how CGD develops and we’re super honored to be a part of it.



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