New Kuro Shiba Initiatives: “Whaleth” Redistribution & Dev Bounty Program

Hello again, KURO fam! Today we are pleased to announce two brand new Kuro Shiba initiatives, both designed for the benefit and betterment of our community:

  1. “Whaleth” Redistribution; and
  2. Development Bounty Program.

“Whaleth” Redistribution:

You’re probably wondering what the heck “Whaleth” Redistribution is… it’s wealth redistribution with a twist! For those who have been following KURO lore, you might be aware that we had a Benevolent Whale selflessly burn 100 million of his own KURO tokens (20% of the total supply), valued at ~$30,000 USD at the time, removing them from circulation forever. 🐳🔥

Well, the Benevolent Whale has struck again. This time, he has donated 110 million KURO back to the community! This was completed in five sequential transactions due to KURO’s maximum transaction limit of 5% of the total token supply. See transaction hashes below:


These funds are currently sitting in KURO’s one and only dev wallet (wallet address: 0xD68B99856d08B463a6aaAbACC6377bf5aCB92233), and will be fairly and strategically redistributed to the community over the next few months. Specifically, 75 million out of the 110 million KURO donation will be allocated to staking rewards.

The first KURO staking rewards will be in the form of our very own KURO Mine, powered by TokenJenny.ONE Gem Mines. Users will be able to pay a small entry fee to “mine” KURO. The second type of staking rewards will be a KURO Pool Party, which is currently in development by TokenJenny. Both will be detailed in their own Medium articles when they launch, which will be very soon for the KURO Mine. ✨💎⛏️

Development Bounty Program:

We’re so excited about this opportunity to build out the KURO Dev Bounty Program, which — like the staking rewards — would not have been possible without the donation from our Benevolent Whale. Specifically, the remaining 35 million out of the 110 million KURO donation will be allocated to development bounties.

The new Dev Bounty Program is an excellent opportunity for beginners and seasoned developers alike to create some useful products for KURO. This could be anything from analytics, to price bots or tipping bots, to a full set of KURO animations/emojis, to an online marketplace that accepts KURO as payment. Stay tuned for details on the Bounty Program, how to participate, and rewards. 💰👀

Thanks for reading, and for making the KURO community awesome! 💞


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Kuro Shiba (KURO) is the cutest project on Harmony, aiming to strengthen the Harmony ecosystem through collaboration, innovation, & yield-generating NFTs! ✨🍙🍡