Night Market Grand Opening & Limited Edition Animated NFT Drop!

Our very first drop of animated New Era NFTs are nearly ready for minting — don’t miss out!

It’s a New Era of NFTs!

Good morning, KURO fam! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is nearly upon us: the grand opening of the Kuro Shiba Night Market! 🌙✨ And, correspondingly, our very first drop of animated New Era NFTs!

Notes on Night Market:

The long-awaited Night Market is our first NFT marketplace, custom coded for full compatibility with Kuro Shiba New Era NFTs and the Art Museum — our proprietary staking platform. And when we say long-awaited, we mean really long… so thank you all for your patience while we tackled this task and crushed all the bugs we could find on testnet and mainnet! 🙏🏼💕

The primary reason we had to take our sweet time with Night Market release is to maximize forward compatibility with upcoming utility and features. Specifically, we’ve deployed all New Era NFT contracts as HRC-1155s (i.e., ERC-1155 but on the Harmony network) due to their versatility and ability to contain dynamic metadata, as opposed to HRC-721s. As our aim is innovate in the ArtFi space, our NFTs need to do more than just look cute in your browser.

Staking and trading are just the beginning for Kuro Shiba NFTs, as our next major drop will be 3D, generative Kurogotchi NFTs that are interactive and provide dynamic yield depending on the rarity of their attributes. We’re beyond excited to add dynamic, interactive, and yield-generating NFTs to our steadily growing arsenal of utility for $KURO. And we’re so grateful for the ongoing support of our community and our #1 asset (you)!

Animated, Adorable, & Stakeable NFTs:

But before we get to Kurogotchi, we have lots of fun stuff planned for our 2D NFTs. We’re taking it to the next level with this upcoming multi-tiered drop, with all three new NFTs being hand drawn by founder @persimberry and animated (!) by our resident wizard and filmmaker @Slim Jim!

All three animated NFTs will be available at Night Market launch!

You’ll be able to preview the almost-unbearably cute animations shortly before the Night Market grand opening. Now, for the details:

1. Ramen KURO

— Only 100 total copies mintable.
— 2D, animated, and stakeable.
— Purchase price: 75,000 KURO.
— ROI: up to 100% over 90 days.*

2. No Face KURO

— Only 10 total copies mintable.
— 2D, animated, and stakeable.
— Purchase price: 1,000,000 KURO.
— ROI: up to 120% over 365 days.*

3. Mystery Bonus KURO

— Only 10 total copies mintable.
— 2D, animated, and stakeable.
— Purchase price: N/A! This is a rare airdrop that you have a 10% chance of receiving if you mint a Ramen KURO.
— ROI: up to 20% extra ROI on your Ramen KURO.*

*Assuming you stake your NFT(s) right away and claim your rewards.

This is a very small batch NFT drop, as only 120 total copies of new NFTs will be available at Night Market launch: 100 Ramen KURO, 10 No Face KURO, and 10 Mystery Bonus KURO. With each NFT, you’ll have the opportunity to receive at least 100% ROI on your KURO purchase price.

For example, if you buy one Ramen KURO NFT for 75,000 KURO, you can get 100% ROI if you promptly stake your NFT in the Art Museum and claim your rewards before they run out. You also get a 10% chance to receive a Mystery Bonus KURO NFT when you mint a Ramen KURO, enabling lucky winners to stake their bonus NFT to earn an extra 20% ROI on their Ramen KURO. That’s a 1/10 chance of receiving a free 15,000 KURO on top of the 75,000 KURO you spent on minting a Ramen KURO.

Additionally, or alternatively, if you buy a No Face KURO, you can get 120% ROI on the full amount of KURO you spent. That is, if you spend 1,000,000 KURO to mint an NFT, you will receive 1,200,000 KURO back over 365 days, so long as you stake your No Face KURO right away and claim your rewards before they run out. That’s a whopping free 200,000 KURO in your wallet, if you’re lucky enough to mint a No Face KURO. Remember, there are only 10 total No Face KUROs that can ever be minted!

Our Approach to NFTs:

We’ve designed this fresh NFT drop, and their respective yields, to provide more utility for KURO tokens, as well as to bring a novel approach to NFTs on Harmony. Rather than being a cash grab or a fundraising mechanism, our dev team is not keeping any of the NFT proceeds for ourselves. Instead, our goal is to brighten the blockchain with cute animations, as well as fun and different ways for our loyal community members to increase their KURO bags. 🐺💙


The burning question for the last few months has been: WEN?!


The Night Market will be opening on Monday, April 11 at ~8pm CST, along with the very first animated New Era NFTs ready to mint!


To celebrate, we’ll be throwing a launch party in our Discord! Come chill with the team in voice chat, play trivia (with $KURO prizes), and enter a raffle to win stakeable Kuro Shiba NFTs! 🎉

Forever grateful for the continued trust and support of our community. We can’t wait to hang out with y’all at the Night Market launch party!

KURO team 😽



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