Quick Whale Update & AMA with the Team (Sunday, 6/27 at 6pm PST)

A few things + AMA coming up!

Whale Update:

  1. https://explorer.harmony.one/#/tx/0xdbf888a4f7e5dc6ba4cfbf3533125786cd8980bad0613a642c72eeea7c4751ba
  2. https://explorer.harmony.one/#/tx/0x98e725b8d36788d48b94e628813ac6ed6fb0676c625d39545a407d89ad3e39f5
  3. https://explorer.harmony.one/#/tx/0x6bd5b066fefec49a3e34584273f6c8e8f55f2ae8873b2fd6606a4dce7b783150
  4. https://explorer.harmony.one/#/tx/0xaf0ed5d27fdc1d526a2408d0460158ffa7c961fe813d3d19c22d31a0a64860fe
Join us on Discord tomorrow for an AMA with the KURO team!

AMA with the Team:

Join KURO and friends!


Social Media:

KURO Details:

DeFi Reading List:



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Kuro Shiba (KURO)

Kuro Shiba (KURO) is the cutest project on Harmony, aiming to strengthen the Harmony ecosystem through collaboration, innovation, & yield-generating NFTs! ✨🍙🍡