Kuro Shiba NFT Airdrops for 100 Lucky Gem Miners!

A “thank you” gift airdropped to 100 random KURO Gem Miners!

Good evening, KURO fam! With the KURO Gem Mine rewards depleting very soon, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal community members who have been mining KURO! 💎 ⛏🐺

Gem mining for the past few months has been awesome — thank you for all the help setting up our mine, TokenJenny.ONE!

The KURO mine is almost depleted!

At the time of publishing this Medium article, there are only 12 days left in the Gem Mine, with the JENN entry fee being ~$108 and the KURO rewards being ~$157. The miner count is currently 377. To ensure that rewards don’t get depleted too fast, we have set the maximum number of miners to 380. Only 3 coveted spots left!

We’re minting and airdropping 100 of these cuties to random Gem Miners!

To thank our Gem Miners, we will be minting and airdropping a limited supply of only 100 Mining KURO NFTs to random wallets in the KURO mine!

Each wallet in the mine counts as one entry. We will randomly select wallets between Nov. 6 and the depletion of the mine, so there’s no need for miners anything outside of keeping your wallet in the mine until we announce the airdrop has already taken place.

Note that this is a free Legacy NFT and currently has NO utility. All Legacy NFTs can become stakeable in the future, but the priority for staking rewards will be NFTs that were purchased with ONE. NFT purchases in ONE help to fund initiatives like the Pumpkin KURO NFT buy back and burn, and the incentivized pools we plan to launch in partnership with Artemis Protocol.

Enjoy your Gem Mine rewards, and keep your paws crossed for a chance to win a Mining KURO NFT! 🍓🌸✨

KURO team



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